One of the main themes in my dating book “Don’t Go In That Room!” is women need to stick together and support each other emotionally. We need to help each other see our beauty when we can’t.  We need to be there for each other going through a divorce or breakup. We need to allow each other to heal in our own way and not judge. We need to respect another woman’s marriage and not engage in any inappropriate behavior with her husband. We need to encourage each other to do what truly resonates with our hearts. We need to offer up our connections in business if we can help each other. We need to inspire each other to grow and learn. We need to have consideration for each other when we are trying to change physically by exercise or diet. And, most importantly, we need to love each other despite our differences.



While you are going through a loss of any kind it’s highly recommended to be out in nature. But, please don’t go out if you just had a chemical peel and will scare small children and some sensitive adults.

I will be home for the next few days, no nature for me.


Our world of too many choices is killing us. It makes us want more and more and more.

Online dating is a world of way too many choices and actually makes us less happy dating. The more women/men we are given, the less satisfied we are with whom we chose. If we had two/three choices it would be easy to pick but when you have 50 it’s too overwhelming so you can’t/don’t choose. Now, we are left all alone.

Also, people are opting to keep their options open for as long as possible to avoid commitment instead of picking one person. And, if they do finally commit they wonder if they really made the right choice because they are fully aware that there are plenty of other options out there.

What all daters need to realize that commitment offers a learning experience and fulfillment that dating 50 different people can’t teach you, or give you the trust and connection to make you truly happy.

IF….you are one of the rare people who loves to go out with a different person every night and not truly connect, please just say it on your dating profile or tell them straight out when you meet them in person so you don’t hurt anyone, and more importantly, waste their time. Don’t be selfish, be honest. There are plenty of people that can’t truly connect with another human for whatever reason, you all need to date each other, not pretend that you can be in a loving relationship and know how to love.

Health people who know how to love don’t care for shallow relationships that lack depth, they want more and deserve it. 

Some people were so hurt by their ex or have a severe fear of commitment, they just can’t connect and truly be vulnerable with another human. Get rid of those individuals as soon as you see the signs. They need therapy if they want to learn to be in a healthy relationship, you can’t fix them or change them.

In our 20’s we tend to want all those superficial things that don’t make us happy. As we get older we know that money, hobbies, jobs that we tolerate, superficial friends and numerous sexual partners are not going to fulfill us, but one loving kind person who has our back that will hold our hand when we die will.




Pet Loss Book

I’m currently writing my third book on Pet Loss. I’ve cried every day since I’ve started writing this book. People are sending me photos and stories about how much they loved their pet and how they got over the death of their beloved furry companion.

If you have a story that you would like to share with me please contact me at

Fear of Committment

I heard a story today from a man that has severe mommy issues. He obviously didn’t say that, but he’s adamant about not committing to his  GF that he really loves.

She’s going to walk away in her fabulous new shoes from this relationship because he hasn’t proposed after a year.  #smartgirl

This man is 55 years old and would rather die alone than be with a woman who really loves him that he loves because he is afraid of commitment. Wow! He chose dying old and alone instead of dying with a woman next to him that loves him.  #stupidfuck

I wonder who hurt him?

Sex Analogy For The Holiday Weekend.

Let me put this in terms you might understand if you love great shoes as much as I do.

Say you are at a Jimmy Choo boutique with your boyfriend and he says you can pick out a pair of shoes, but he wants a long-term committed relationship with you in exchange.

If you don’t really like him, you must deny the shoes. It’s simply the right thing to do. I feel your pain, pretty Flower. It’s a tough offer to pass up, but you can go and get your own Choos. It’s all good.

If you do really like him, get those shoes, pretty Flower! And then, please come over and show me! You never deny a gift from a man you love and who loves you too. It’s rude!

If you are on the fence about him, you have a more difficult decision. Do you take the shoes or not?

Here’s where I’m going with this analogy: You know a man will take the offer of your lady center even if he is on the fence. In fact, he will most likely take you up on it even if he doesn’t really like you.

When the feelings aren’t clear, it is just as hard for him to pass up your lady center as it would be for you to pass up a fabulous pair of shoes. Don’t feel guilty if you struggle with the decision. It’s normal. Just remember that there are strings attached and you may not like how they affect the way those shoes fit.

Much Love, Joy, and Happiness with someone that loves you!

Annette Marie

Dalai Lama

“My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness.”

Be kind to a loved one going through a transition. You may not agree with their decisions, but their decisions need to be respected. You don’t know what their path is and you shouldn’t interfere with another’s path.

Annette Marie