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“Don’t Go In That Room! is a great read about navigating your way in the dating world. It’s written with humor, wit and a unique perspective which gives you great advice on how to avoid dating mishaps. It teaches you how to handle yourself with dignity and respect while dating and when faced with certain circumstances. If divorced or getting over a breakup, It will help you get back in the game. A must read. – Leslie Braswell

Don’t cry to me if you get fucked over!

I only coach women who expect to be courted properly and want a man, not a boy. If you think your lady center isn’t to be respected, please don’t contact me for relationship advice. Unfortunately, I can’t help you. I’m responsible for three marriages this year and I want to keep being successful.

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1st-Date Sex.

Would you wander down a dark alley with a stranger and expect everything to be okay? Well, think about this: SEX ON A FIRST DATE IS SEX WITH A STRANGER! If you are on the first date (actually dates 1-5), he really doesn’t know you. He just knows that you are hot and fuckable. He has no loyalty to you whatsoever. Want to guess how I know? Ask yourself, if you turned him down and another girl walked by and offered him sex, would he leave with her or continue his evening with you? If you have to wonder for even a second about whether you can get an Über home, you know he is not deserving of your lady center yet (if ever.)

Besides, sex on the first date might be fulfilling for the night, but it rarely leads to anything meaningful long-term. And what if something goes wrong—he cums too quickly, his penis is too big or too small, he can’t give you an orgasm? Then you’ve wasted an evening and given up something that should be special to you.

Give yourself what you deserve and give a new romance a chance to become something worth having.

30th-Date Sex

We all know the ones who survive to the end of the scary movies are the ones who don’t make reckless choices and take a moment to assess the situation before diving in. Deciding you are ready to have sex in a dating relationship is one of those moments when you need to find a place where you can catch your breath and wait until it’s safe to come out of hiding. If you are on date thirty, odds are pretty good he knows who you are, and he has continued to show up and spend time with you because he wants you. The relationship has had time to evolve, and you can feel more confident that if you turned him down this time and another woman came along, offering him sex, he would send her on her way because he is invested in you and how he feels about you.

This doesn’t mean you have to give him your lady center at this stage. You still may not be ready to go there for whatever reasons. Maybe you’ve been on thirty dates, but they were all crammed into a month because you saw each other every night. While that’s a lot of time together, it still isn’t a lot of time in the grand scheme of things, so giving it a little longer is totally reasonable.

It could be your thirty dates have been spread out over a year because one or both of you travel a lot or are really busy and you hardly have time to get together. That is a lot more time on the calendar, but it doesn’t guarantee a lot of time really getting to know each other.

The bottom line is you don’t have to give up your lady center before you feel it’s right; but, when you do, you should make sure you feel he’s going to stick around after he gets the goods.

Engagement or Wedding Night-Sex

There is the rare person in horror films who comes through the whole thing virtually unscathed. They are the ones who didn’t open scary-looking doors out of curiosity or run blindly into the woods. They were careful and paid attention to their surroundings so they could respond appropriately.

Now, I’m going to suggest a crazy dating concept in the 21st Century that might get you to the finish line without any wounds! Wait until you’ve got the full commitment! Make him put a ring on it first. I know one girl who is waiting until she gets married to have sex. FYI, she’s thirty-five. When she tells people about her intentions, they are in absolute shock. They judge her like something is wrong with her.

Respecting your body and wanting love with sex shouldn’t be shocking, but more people find it odd to choose not to sleep with a stranger quickly. That’s really pretty sad. What happened to love? Everyone knows sex with someone you really love is amazing, and you can’t compare it to getting banged on a first date.

If you want love, you must require love for the privilege of getting to your lady center. If you want commitment, you must expect commitment before handing over the keys to the kingdom.

This is from my book, “Don’t Go In That Room!”

Much Love, Light and JOY.

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